4X2 Road Cleaning Sweeper 5 Cbm Vacuum Washing Truck

4X2 Road Cleaning Sweeper 5 Cbm Vacuum Washing Truck

CLW Vacuum Washing Vehicles have a range of features these kinds of as highway surface cleansing, road area cleansing, curb cleansing, curb and suppress facade washing, low force flushing, spray dust reduction and so on. There are 9 sorts of “complete sweep”, “still left sweep”, “correct sweep”, “total sweep”, “left sweep” and “right sweep”, “complete wash”, “left wash”, “correct wash” Task mode is CZPT for selection. It is largely used to the mechanized cleansing, sweeping, spray dust reduction and other cleaning operations of city streets, highways, plazas, airports, docks, tunnels, bridges, isolation partitions, curbs, and control facades.

Excellent Vacuum Cleaner, CLW Created

one. Undertake the arrangement of the thoroughly clean drinking water tank entrance and the rear of the rubbish bin. The semi-shut auxiliary engine compartment has a compact general construction and is effortless to keep.
2. The aspect brush technique floor strain employing spring adjustment approach, perform can be adjusted in accordance to street circumstances brushing ground force at any time to decrease brush dress in
three. Higher force h2o pumps and drinking water nozzles are imported using CZPTpean merchandise, the pump is a stainless steel pump head, force up to 160Bar, the highest movement charge of 154 L/min, the far better the impact of the street floor.
4. In the hydraulic system, the hydraulic valve adopts the electromagnetic directional valve, which is neatly organized and easy to maintain. The authentic Danish DONFOSS product is used in the hydraulic motor. The hydraulic method of the car is reputable, the motion is delicate and successful, and the shifting component has no crawling phenomenon.
5. Using the first sweep, following the wash, reabsorption perform, waste and sewage can be cleaned, washed, absorbed cleanse.
6. The essential elements of electrical factors undertake substantial-quality imported parts. The procedure control adopts one-button operation and can comprehend 9 sorts of operation modes. The handle is recognized by PLC programming controller.
seven. With flushing winch and rinsing gun with computerized retracting perform, the dashing gun has massive stream and large stress, which can perform effective flushing on the neighborhood oil-polluted places and can scour small adverts.

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The particular parameter

Item Parameter
Manufacturing identify Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng 4×2 Road Cleaning Sweeper 5 CBM Vacuum Washing Truck
automobile design CLW5071TSL4
Engine Motor product: CY4102-CE4F
HangCZPT Diesel
Exhaust: 3856 ml
Electricity: 73 kw
Chassis design DFA1070SJ35D6
Tire Tire specification: seven.00-sixteen
Quantity of tire: six
Axle Quantity of axles: two
Axle-load: 2920/4380
Wheel base(mm):3300
Traction system four*2
Tank Volume(cbm) 4m3 dustbin,1.0m3 clean drinking water tank
GVW(kg) 7300
Suppress weight(kg) 4800
General dimensions(mm) 5950×1995×2380
F / R keep track of foundation(mm) 1506/1466
F/R overhang(mm) 1032/1618
Technique/departure angle(°) 19/twelve
Max speed(Km/h) 95
Equipments 1> Equipped with four sweeping brush, JMC 88 hp deputy motor Italian motor French handle switch Joint enterprise solenoid valve team Servicing-totally free self-separate clutch Routine maintenance-free of charge fan Stainless steel water tank and dustbin Rear LED arrow lights, handbook pump for emergency program.  
2> Maximum sweeping width 3.2 m, inhaled sizeφ120 mm  
3> Optional: monitoring, sprinkler operate, self-cleansing operate for dustbin.

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4X2 Road Cleaning Sweeper 5 Cbm Vacuum Washing Truck