China best Fluid Drive Coupling with Free Design Custom

1, performance is to reduce the impact of torsional vibration and isolation; can make the motor start with a delay time, slow speed, reduce the impact caused by the sudden start and the interaction between parts. 

2, with the starting performance of the motor with light load due to coupling of the pump wheel torque and speed is proportional to the square, so when the moment of starting the pump wheel due to low speed and torque effect, similar to the pump wheel motor with no-load starting, so short starting time, small starting current, stable starting, especially suitable for heavy load starting with large inertia. 

3, with overload protection performance: because no mechanical coupling is directly connected, when the external load exceeds a certain limit, the pump wheel torque will no longer increase, the motor rotation as usual, output slow down until the stop, power from the power draw into heat warms up until the fusible plug coupler, liquid injection, and the input and output is cut off the protection, motor, machine can not be damaged, thereby reducing the machine failure rate, maintenance costs and downtime, prolong the service life of motor bearing working machine. 

4, with power-saving performance: because the coupler can effectively solve the motor starting and the “big horse car” phenomenon, compared with the rigid transmission can reduce at least a motor frame size, and can reduce the starting current and duration, reduce the impact on the grid energy saving rate of 10 – 20%, especially in the high starting heavy load inertia is more significant. The characteristics of the torque limited hydraulic coupler: in addition to bearing and oil seal, without any mechanical Sassafras, long service life, low failure rate, no special maintenance. If you are satisfied with our fluid drive coupling, welcome to wholesale the best quality, safe and durable equipment with our factory. We also welcome customized orders. Check the price list and the quotation with our manufacturers and suppliers now.