China Zj Slurry Pump C Cheap oup best ling Maker

Product Description

China zj slurry pump coupling maker

Pump Feature

1. AM slurry Pump wet parts are made of wear-resistant high chromium alloy.

2. AM slurry Pump bearing assembly use cylindrical structure, adjusting the space between impeller and CZPT liner easily. They can be removed completely when being repaired. CZPT assembly use grease lubrication.

3. The shaft seal could use the packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal for all slurry pump.

4. The discharge branch can be positioned at intervals of 45 degrees by request and oriented to any eight positions to suit installations and applications at its working site.

5. There are the drive types, such as V belt drive, gear reducer drive, fluid coupling drive, and frequency conversion drive devices.

6. Wide performance, good NPSH and high efficiency. The slurry pump can be installed in multistage series to meet the delivery for CZPT distance. 

AM Slurry Pump Performance

Model Max CZPT
Material Clear water performance Impeller
Vane No.
Liner Impeller Capacity Q
 ( m3/h)
H ( m)
n (rpm)
1.5/1B-AM 15 M M 12.6~28.8 6~68 1200~3800 5
RU RU 10.8~25.2 7~52 1400~3400 3
1.5/1B-AMH 30 M M 16.2~34.2 25~92 1400~2200 5
2/1.5B-AM 15 M M 32.4~72 6~58 1200~3200 5
RU RU 25.2~54 5.5~41 1000~2600
3/2C-AM 30 M M 39.6~86.4 12~64 1300~2700 5
RU RU 36~75.6 13~39 1300~2100
4/3C-AM 30 M M 86.4~198 9~52 1000~2200 5
4/3D-AM 60
4/3C-AM 30 RU RU 79.2~180 5~34.5 800~1800 5
4/3D-AM 60
4/3E-AMH 120 M M 126~252 12~97 600~1400 5
6/4D-AM 60 M M 162~360 12~56 800~1550 5
6/4E-AM 120
6/4D-AM 60 RU RU 144~324 12~45 800~1350 5
6/4E-AM 120
6/4F-AMH 260 M M 100~414 34~98 600~1000 5
8/6E-AM 120 M M 360~828 10~61 500~1140 5
8/6E-AM 120 RU RU 324~720 7~49 400~1000 5
10/8ST-AM 560 M M 612~1368 11~61 400~850 5
RU RU 540~1188 12~50 400~750
10/8E-MM 120 M M 666~1440 14~60 600~1100 5
10/8E-MM 120 RU RU 540~1188 10~42 500~900 5
12/10ST-AM 560 M M 936~1980 7~68 300~800 5
M M 720~1620 7~45 300~650
14/12ST-AM 560 M M 1260~2772 13~63 300~600 5
RU RU 1152~2520 13~44 300~500  
16/14ST-AM 560 M M 1368~3060 11~63 250~550 5
16/14TU-AM 1200
18/16ST-AM 560 M M 2160~5040 8~66 200~500 5
18/16TU-AM 1200
20/18TU-AM 1200 M M 2520~5400 13~57 200~400 5

Technology Support

HangZhou CZPT CZPT ry Co., Ltd products slurry pumps, sewage pump, water pump, chemical pumps, fire pumps, irrigation pumps and other products are exported to over 90 countries around the world. The application covers many fields, such as dressing ship, tailings transportation, mining pumps, steel & CZPT desulphurization, boiler feed water, construction, irrigation, water conservancy facilities, sewage treatment.

Strong , experienced technical personnel is the CZPT ful guarantee for quality products of slurry pumps, sewage pump, water pump, chemical pumps, fire pumps, irrigation pumps. CZPT CZPT ry technical team set up five R & D teams: hydraulic CZPT , water pump structure, new materials research and development, casting, molding etc. Except the commonly used CAD and other design software, the  technical teams also use CAPP computer-aided industrial design and CFD hydraulic design software. They combine years of experience in the practical application of the products, repeated use of water conservancy GIS, MIS software and simulation analysis system software demonstrated, calculations, the theoretical calculations product of slurry pumps, sewage pump, water pump, chemical pumps, fire pumps, irrigation pumps are accurate and consistent with the actual performance. It allowing users to meet the needs while significantly reducing the investment costs, improves CZPT CZPT ry Company’s strong core competitiveness. 

An Pump CZPT ry Company’s slurry pumps, sewage pump, water pump, chemical pumps, fire pumps, irrigation pumps and other production line are well-equipped, such as casting furnaces, vertical lathe, cutting tools, boring and milling machining centers production line equipment are fully automatic data control; CZPT casting molds and resin-bonded sand, precoated sand casting process, is a CZPT ful pump parts guarantee of quality and appearance; CZPT matic curve heat treatment furnaces control pump accessories heat treatment process automatically and appropriately; CZPT CZPT d pump detection equipment for signal acquisition, digital filtering and calibration ensure the accuracy of the data; Spectrograph, liquid analyzers and other testing equipment ensure the reliability and stability of the material; These CZPT d manufacturing and testing equipment ensure the quality and stability of slurry pump, sewage pump, water pump, chemical pumps, fire pumps, irrigation pumps and other products. 

For the research and development of new materials for slurry pumps, sewage pump, water pump, chemical pumps, fire pumps, irrigation pumps, CZPT CZPT ry’s engineers constantly strive to explore casting and set up a new materials R&D team. The products meet API610 standards, in addition to Cr27, high-chromium alloy, SS304, SS316, SS904, CD-4MCu, duplex stainless steel and other wear & corrosion resistant alloys, R-type rubber corrosion resistant heavy flow components, corrosion-resistant high-strength teflon material, high-crystalline silicon ceramic corrosion-resistant materials were gradually developed. This reached CZPT d level in domestic and international. 

In the era of rapid development of science and technology, CZPT CZPT ry team take  the entrepreneurial spirit “excellence and constant product quality, brand known CZPT “, business purpose “the achievements of create brand enterprise and industry pioneer”, to help you out and provide quality & cheap innovative products, with corporate philosophy of Kinda technical specialists and sophisticated equipment as backup, and work together with you to create brilliant!

AM Slurry Pump Application

Mainly convey CZPT concentrations of abrasive slurry or corrosive slurry, is an ideal product to slurry transportation
1.Mine:black, CZPT -ferrous ore slurry material pump and all kinds of concentrate and tailings conveying
2.Metallurgy:transport CZPT slurry for aluminium or steel manufacture
3.Coal: Coal mining, washing and CZPT coarse and fine coal slurry transportation
4.Electricity: remove CZPT plant ash,wash ash,various ash dregs or ash slurry transportation
5.Construction materials:various mud sand slurry(such as Cement slurry) transportation
6.Chemical: phosphatic fertilizer or potassic fertilizer factory CZPT abrasive slurry trasportation
7.Water conservancy:lake,river dredge, sediment,grit, CZPT plastic clay Suction line to transportation

After Sale Service for Pump

Considering the importance of after sale services, CZPT CZPT ry offers a complete service as recommended spare parts list, maintenance catalogues, guarantee procedures, and other supports which CZPT ers need.

Regulations on the guarantee of pumps manufactured by CZPT CZPT ry
An Pump CZPT ry Company emphasizes on basic standards and quality development of manufactured pumps, so all the manufactured pumps are guaranteed to be CZPT est service life since the purchase.
In order to facilitate the guarantee services for the pumps, CZPT CZPT ry will present the product’s identification containing the stamped guarantee card, together with regulations for the guarantee.
To be aware of the conditions which cover the guarantee for the pumps, please refer to guarantee conditions page in the product’s identification.

Manual to Install and Maintain
In order to support the products, CZPT CZPT ry has prepared the manual for installation and maintenance of different types of pumps. Customers are recommended to study the manual carefully and consider all the points when installing, using and maintaining, in order to maximize the efficiency and the life of pumps.To see the content of the manuals, click on the respective group.

Pump CZPT Parts
Standard spare parts of CZPT CZPT ry have been supplied in order to support the products with high quality parts. To see the technical number for pump parts, and the constituents of every category of pumps, plus the necessary spare parts for each pump.

Company information


1. Q: Are you a trading company or manufacture?
    A: CZPT CZPT ry Co., Ltd is a real large professional manufacturer more than 32 years, in CZPT , produce with CZPT own factory.
2. Q: what’s your factory workshops ?
    A: My factory produce include casting, mechanical process, lathe process, heat treatment, assembly, and test etc.
         Warmly welcome to visit & test my factory any time.
3. Q: How about your slurry pump price?
    A: We are sure CZPT price is factory price, and insist high quality for CZPT CZPT term cooperation.

4. Q: What is your  slurry pump material ?
    A: For AM series vertical slurry pump, we could produce high Cr Mo Ni alloy, rubber liner, cast iron, stainless steel, etc.
        Produce as your requirements is ok.

5.Q: What kind of liquid can your slurry pump transfer?
    A: Liquid range: slurry liquid, solid, ash, sand gravel, water, hot water, sewage, chemical liquid, waster water etc.
6. Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control? 
    A:”Quality is priority. we always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end.
         Our factory has 15~30 QC.

7. Q: Is it easy for CZPT ers to change the parts by myself ?
    A: yes, the structure is simple ,customers can change it very easily. We will also supply you maintenance tools for free.

8. Q: How to do if the pump or parts have operation problem within your warranty?
    A:  Tell me details timely, and show me pictures, we will send you solution at once without any hesistation.

9. Q: Can you install the motor or diesel engine with the pump for us ?
      A: yes, we can, it’s no problem, we are experienced in this .
10: Q: .we don’t know which pump model we need ,can you help us ?
      A: yes, please tell me your detail requirements, include liquid, flow rate, head etc,
          my engineers team wiil calculate & select most suitable pump model for you, offer pump solution for you.

11. Q:How CZPT can you reply us if we send an inquiry ?
      A: Generall with in 2 hours, we will send you official quotation sheet, with price, technology data, performance curve, dimension etc.
12. Q: How can i contact you ?
      A: Contact detail information

HangZhou CZPT CZPT ry Co.,Ltd
Tel:86~571-8822571/8822 0571 -89940549   Fax:86~571-8822571/8822 0571 -86271170
Anything thing need help, please call me any time, i will try best to help you..