Cnebikes Hpm 500W Geared Rear Hub Motor for Electric Bike

Cnebikes Hpm 500W Geared Rear Hub Motor for Electric Bike

cnebikes HPM 500w geared  rear hub motor  for electric bicycle


The easiest factor to say is that it also makes it possible for people who are much less skilled to practice biking, to go out with friends and appreciate the bicycle tour CZPT sweating the soul and making the most of the day with the most experienced close friends. But there are also these who do not have time to prepare, or for people who do not want to teach but have the very same pleasure of performing a ride in the company. 

This geared motor , which is appropriate with the disc brake, has a rated electricity from 250W to 500W, a reduction ratio of 1: five and a optimum torque of 50 N.m, offering best power for automobiles. Robust and efficient, this motor, working jointly with a cassette or freewheel pace alter mechanism, significantly improves riding convenience and is suited for mountains and beachs.

Motor spcs :

Rated Power  350w / 500w  Rated voltage  36v /48v
CZPT Geared  Max Torque fifty N.M
Effectiveness (%) eighty Working Temperature -twenty – 45ºC
Installation Widths one hundred/135mm Spoke Specification 36*12G

Optional Elements :

bicycle rim  20”-29” double wall rim

LCD3 display  Optional  LCD1 /LED 

Controller  15A for 250w geared motor /17A for 350w geared motor /22A for 500w geared motor

PAS  pedal assitant  /5 magnet /8magnet

two Brake levers  HangCZPTng brake levers (energy-off perform)

battery :


Q:What’s principal advantages of geared motor and gear less motor?

A: Geared motor has lighter excess weight,smaller sized measurement,zero drag(total freewheel when not utilizing battery, and excellent performance.

Gearless motor has higher best velocity, far more energy output, and outstanding life span. 

Q:What is Pedal-Aid?

A:The Pedal-Support Method (PAS) operates when you are peHangCZPTng the bike and progressively adds electrical electricity to the motor. The more rapidly you pedal, the a lot more power is utilized. PAS method substantially will increase battery variety as when compared with making use of the throttle by itself. 

Q:Does the battery recharge when I pedal?

A:No, in purchase for the motor to recharge the battery, it would have to produce resistance which would make it too tough to pedal CZPT the motor. Unfortunately physics will not operate in our favor.

Q:How significantly can I go on a single cost?

A:There are a lot of variables that have an effect on distance these kinds of as fat, terrain, number of stop / commences, using speed, amount of pedal guidance, variety of hills climbed, tire pressures, and wind resistance and so on.

Q: Entrance wheel and rear wheel decide on which 1? 

A: Widespread common entrance wheel is 100mm dropouts,less difficult to install CZPT derailleur changes, you can use your first freewheel Typical normal rear wheel is 135mm dropouts, much better grip specifically when you experience on steep inclines or in moist condition.


Cnebikes Hpm 500W Geared Rear Hub Motor for Electric Bike