Costmerized Universal Material Testing Machine with Different Fixtures

Costmerized Universal Material Testing Machine with Different Fixtures

1. CZPT principal scope of screening machine

Digital universal substance screening equipment, Horizontal stress tests machine, CZPT common screening machine, MFI, Charpy Influence, Izod Effect, HDT-Vicat tester, Hardness tester, Torsion tester, Metallographic series, Oven and so on. (We take customization.)

2. Product

Short: It adopts entire digital electricity, displacement and pace three shut loop control, utilizing AC motor and control generate technique, with ZheJiang precision worm equipment reducer and ZheJiang TBI precision screw push to accomplish the transmission efficiency and signal-to-sound ratio of the best impact.

Function: Tester is utilised to test physical properties of elongation, compression, peeling, tearing bending, 3-level bending, shearing of metallic and non-metallic material and so on.

Assembly standards: It can be CZPT to fulfill GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN need and the regular presented by shopper to check and info processing.

Application ranges: This device is generally utilized in material analysis in automobile-areas, fastener, aerospace, cable and wire, plastic and rubber, paper packing industries.

three. Features of control and knowledge processing method

1) With innovative chipping engineering and skillfully designed data accumulating and amplifying system,the tester is hugely built-in,reliable and practical. Handle computer software instantly derives information of tensile power, generate toughness, fracture strength, modulus of elasticity, elongation.The open up system edition purpose permits automatic calculation of force, tension displacement deformation at any selected point. The normal in the process of control and data processing fulfill national prerequisite for screening metallic materials and non-metallic materials.

two) Management strategy: mounted velocity, fastened displacement, set loading, set load rising charge,fixed stress, set pressure increase price.

three) Routinely resetting: Right after the check commences, measuring system routinely reset to zero.

4) Computerized shifting: routinely modifications selection when load modifications to make sure exact assortment of info.

5) Computerized preserving: screening data and testing problem are routinely saved to avoid knowledge loss induced by forgetting saving.

six) Batch screening: For specimen with same location, batch take a look at can be done after setting the check sequence.

7) Show method: knowledge and curve are presented while tests.

8) Curve show: soon after tests, it is achievable to revisit the curve to examine. Shift your mouse on the curve to discover relative knowledge at each point.

nine) Curves: parameters: stress-pressure, power-displac
ement, force-time, displacement-time benefits are exhibited and printable.

ten) Parameters: pressure parameters(g,kg,N,lb)  

                          stress parameters(kg/mm2,N/mm2,Mpa,lbf/in2)
                          Displacement parameters (m,mm,in)

11) Test report: check reports are edited and printed in accordance to the desired structure by client and can be output as Excel files

12) Security security : safety system is triggered when overloading is over two~ten%

thirteen) The tester is in a position to automatically examination and compute mechanic house of specimen. It is also possible to intervene manually in the examining approach. Computerized analyzing check outcomes are revised in accordance to pertinent common to boost info accuracy.

4. Specifications

Variety QT-6201S QT-6201W
Load capability 10KN, 20KN
Precision degree .5% one%
Examination drive resolution 1/±500000 one/±300000
displacement resolution .0005 mm .0005 mm
Velocity .005-five hundred mm/min fifty-500 mm/min
Motor Servo motor(improve) Servo motor
Control technique Completely closed loop Semi closed loop
Screen strategy Laptop computer software
CZPTvering pace 500 mm/min
Measurement selection two%-one hundred%FS
Relative deviation ±0.5% inside of indicator
Maximum extend stroke 1100 mm
Effective stretching space 680 mm
Effective testing width 420*420 mm
Dimension 840*500*1650 mm
Energy 220V  50Hz  0.75kW(20kn)/.4kW(10kn)
Fat 180kg

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Q:Are you a trade business or manufacturing facility?
A:Our organization is a manufacturing unit and straight product sales.
Q:Can your business take customization?
A: Sure. Our equipment can be CZPT by consumer.
Q:How to guarantee your after-product sales services?
A:Our philosophy is one particular 12 months warranty and lifetime services. Right after the guarantee period of time is exceeded, if there is any difficulty, we will offer assist for you in time. (only cost journey price and parts cost at most.)
Q:What is the language about software?
A:It can change in between Chinese and English.
Q:May possibly the buyer not use your company’s laptop?
A:Confident. But you should explain to us what type your computer is. We require to verify your laptop can install the software. And we can subtract the price of laptop from provide.
Q:What is the diverse amongst Type-S and Kind-W?
A:Type-S can test multistep experiment, hold loading,bending, generate energy, modulus of elasticity with import improve servo, but the Sort-W can not do these assessments.

Costmerized Universal Material Testing Machine with Different Fixtures