Factory OEM Coupling Barrel-Shaped Type Intermediate Shaft Motor Belt Cost Conveyor Flange Pu wholesaler mp Crusher Drum Gear Coupling for Steel Mill

Product Description

Factory CZPT coupling barrel-shaped type intermediate shaft motor belt conveyor flange pump crusher Drum  gear coupling for steel mill

Gear CZPT s

1. Widely used in CZPT mechanical and hydraulic fields 
2. Low-cost maintenance
3. Compensation for axial, radial and angular misalignment
4. Convenient axial plugging assembly
5. Installed horizontally and vertically without using any social tools.
6. Excellent mechanical properties
7. No brittlement at low temperature
8. CZPT slippery and frictional properties
9. Exellent electrical insulation


1. CZPT machinery / Packing machinery / Wood-working machinery etc large-scale mechanical equipment       

2. Repair replacement 


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