Gicl S near me eries Stainless Steel Curved Teeth Drum Spline Motor Pump Flexible Marin wholesaler e Drive Shaft Gear Coupling

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Gicl Series CZPT Steel Curved Teeth Drum Spline CZPT pump Flexible CZPT CZPT Shaft Gear CZPT

Drum gear couplings are CZPT s with axes compensation capabilities between the radial, axial, and angular.Compared with CL straight gear couplings, they have a compact structure, a small turning radius, and more Large capacity, high transmission efficiency, low noise and CZPT maintenance cycle. GICL, GICCL series drum gear coupling, especially suitable for low-speed and heavy-duty working conditions, such as metallurgy, mining, lifting and transportation industries, but also suitable for petroleum, chemical, general machinery and other machinery shaft drive Characteristics of drum gear coupling (compared with straight gear coupling)

1.Strong bearing capacity. If outer diameter of the inner sleeve equals outer diameter of the coupling, the bearing capacity of the drum gear coupling is 15 to 20% higher than that of the straight gear coupling on average ; 


2. Large amount of angular displacement compensation.Drum gear couplings can allow larger angular displacements (relative to straight gear couplings), which can improve the interface conditions of the gear, improve the ability of transmit torque, and extend the service life.


3 The drum-shaped gear surface improves the interface conditions of the internal and external gear,, avoids the disadvantages of the straight gear end edge squeezing and stress concentration under the angular displacement condition, improves the gear surface friction conditions and reduces noise , CZPT maintenance intervals; 


4. The gear end of the outer gear sleeve is in the shape of a trumpet, which makes dismounting very convenient. 


5 Transmission efficiency is as high as 99.7%. Based on the above characteristics, straight gear couplings have been generally replaced by drum gear coupling at home and abroad.


6 Drum gear couplings have the advantages of small size, large transmission torque, strong ability to absorb inaccuracy and excellent durability. They are the most commonly components for two drive shafts in medium and heavy machinery. The drum gear coupling needs to work in a good and sealed state.



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