High Pressure Y near me shop ox Series Drive Flexible Pump Electric Motor Drive Coupler Connector Hydraulic Fluid Co manufacturer upling for Belt Conveyor

Product Description

High Pressure Yox Series CZPT Flexible Pump CZPT ctric CZPT CZPT Coupler connector CZPT ulic CZPT CZPT For Belt CZPT



YOXf is a type connected both sides, the axle size of which is CZPT er. But it has simple structure and it is more easy and convenient for fixing and amending (unnecessary to move the electromotive machine and decelerating machine but only the elastic pillar and connecting spiral bolt can unload the coincidence machine). The relevant elastic axle connecting machine, connecting size and outer size is basically the same with YOXe type.

Main Features

1. Applies to flexible drive shaft ,allowing a larger axial radial displacement and displacement.

2.Has a simple structure,easy maintenance .

3.Disassembly easy

4.low noise

5.Transmission efficiency loss,long useful working life.



Belt conveyers, csraper conveyers, and conveyers of all kinds Bucket elevators, ball mills, hoisters, crushers,
excavators, mixers, straighteners, cranes, etc.


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