Motor Shaft Coupling (12022) f Cheap or H supplier eavy Equipment

Product Description

CZPT , made by machining, heat treatment, quenching + tempering and superficial treatment, brunofix.
Types: Roller chain couplings, HRC CZPT , L-coupling, EL-coupling

Chain coupling composed of 2 CZPT s, Double Strand Roller Chain, 2 cases.

Roller Chain couplings are capable of transmitting relatively high torques in a minimum of space.

Roller Chain CZPT s are used to connect two shafts, a reducer, or a motor directly to a machine for efficient CZPT transmissions. CZPT is simple, it consist of a combination of only three basic parts; One coupling roller chain and two coupling sprockets.

Size:3012,4012,4014,4016, 5014,5016,5018,6018,6571,6571
8018,8571,8571, 1571,12018,12571
16018,16571 20018,20571,24571,24026

Our chain coupling is composed of a double-row roller chain and a pair of connecting sprockets. The connection and disassembly functions are completed through the joint of the chain. The sprocket is produced by CZPT own factory with quality assurance. Our couplings are characterized by compact structure, sturdiness, durability, safety, and easy installation.

Larger couplings and Jaw CZPT s are also produced in CZPT factory.