Programmable High Precision Servo Motor Wire Tensile Test Instrument

Programmable High Precision Servo Motor Wire Tensile Test Instrument

Vertical Tensile Tester

YT-L collection Vertical Tensile Tester is a new kind of instrument researched and developed by our business in accordance to the demands of the latest countrywide expectations. It is largely utilized in papermaking, plastic movie, chemical fiber,  aluminum foil manufacturing and other industries and other objects that need to have to be measured. Intense creation and commodity inspection departments.



Software Selection

  1. Paper, cardboard
  2. aluminum foil, aluminum plastic strip
  3. plastic film and other non-metallic components.

Software Function

  1. Measure rigidity resistance, tensile power
  2. Measure elongation, crack duration, tensile energy absorption, tensile index, tensile energy absorption index
  3. Evaluate adhesive tape peel power

Solution Features

  • The transmission mechanism adopts ball screw and 3 guidebook shafts, and the transmission is steady and specific
  • The stepping motor (servo motor) is utilised for low sounds and specific management
  • It adopts five-inch TFT shade Liquid crystal display contact display and Chinese menu. For the duration of the take a look at, the stretching time, the load rigidity, and the like are exhibited in true time and the tensile curve can be shown
  • The motherboard adopts the latest technology and new design and style. The CPU adopts 32-little bit ARM processor, which increases the processing speed of the instrument, and the calculation knowledge is more accurate and fast, making certain the actual-time measurement info (the highest pressure worth will not be lost)
  • Attributes computerized reset, knowledge memory, overload protection and fault self-prognosis
  • Variable sample dimensions and tensile speed: For typical regular measurement samples, tensile take a look at can be carried out right at the specified pace. The proper stretching velocity can be established as needed, and the take a look at duration and width of the sample can be altered.
  • Vast instrument measuring variety (-30N/-100N/-300N/-1000N) can be transformed in accordance to consumer wants, with various drive measuring devices, can be broadly employed in a variety of paper, bathroom paper, plastic movie And tensile tests of other supplies
  • The thermal printer core gets rid of the need to have for inks and ribbons, noise-totally free procedure, and quick printing speed
  • The instrument is geared up with a regular RS232 interface, which can be utilized with the microcomputer software for communication (optional).

Key CZPT Parameters

  • Energy Provide      AC (a hundred~240)V (fifty/60)Hz 120W
  • Operating setting  (ten~35)ºC, Humidity≤85%
  • Measuring Selection  0.three~30, 3~three hundred,10~one thousand N
  • Resolution  0.01N(YT-L30) / .1N(YT-L300) / .1N(YT-L1000)
  • Indicating Accuracy  ±1.%
  • Functioning Potential  (35~three hundred)mm / (35~500)mm
  • Sampler Width  15,twenty five,fifty (Can be purchased) mm
  • Tensile Velocity  1.~480(Can be altered digitally )mm/min
  • Print                     Built-in thermal printer
  • Conversation interface RS232
  • Dimension          400(L)×320(W)×990(H) mm
  • Internet Weight          35kg

Optional Accessories(Purchase independently)

25mm Clamping head   (installation host)           1 established plastic film, peel power measurement
50mm Clamping head (installation host)               2 set non-woven fabric measurement
RS232 interface and pc application                1 established


  • GB/T 12914  GB/T 2792  GB/T 24218.3  GB/T 1040  ISO1924
  • ISO12625  TAPPI T494



Programmable High Precision Servo Motor Wire Tensile Test Instrument