Sg7-5c Industrial Grade Alumin shop um Alloy Cou Cheap pling Diaphragm

Product Description

SG7-5 CZPT grade CZPT Alloy CZPT Diaphragm 

1. Product description :

Material: Aluminum Alloy 
Applications: Automation equipment and Servo CZPT , CNC machine .
Industrial large-scale cabinet, oven, test chamber , Container. CZPT .
  Biological medical equipment, Lab equipment , Vehicle.Cabinet
Surface Finishing: Brightness chrome plated, Polishing
Installation: Easy to install, Left and right side install
Features: Durable, Secure, CZPT Quality
Advantages: 1.Variety types fpr selection, prompt deliver
  2.Well-equipped with extensive sales network
  3.Advanced Production equipment and production technique)
  4.Competitive Price(Factory direct price)with CZPT good service
  5.Different designs are CZPT according to CZPT ers requests
  6.Excellent quality testing equipment,100% inspection on critical dimension
Quality Controlling:
  1.QC control:100% inspection on critical dimension
  2.Chek the material before the production
  3.Have the random inspection during the productipn
  4.Make the 100%inspection before the shipment

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